About Blue Life USA

About  Blue Life USA

Blue Life USA’s goal is to make easy to use products of extraordinary quality. We promote education and research to make the hobby more fulfilling.

Blue Life USA’s management team is comprised of Industry professionals and hobbyists, each with “hand’s on” experience with aquariums. We create products that we not only sell, but we use in our own aquariums. All products are extensively tested by scientist, veterinarians and marine biologists to ensure quality and safety.

Blue Life USA is committed to provide the aquarium industry with products you need, and products you can trust.

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The Future of Aquarium Products

Blue Life USA features a diverse line of high quality aquarium products and accessories. Our product portfolio consists of filtration media, remedies, hardware and aquarium accessories. Please select from the following lines for a detailed description of each of our innovative products:


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What's Happening at Blue Life?

What's Happening at Blue Life?

“Blue Life is constantly striving to lead the aquarium industry in quality and innovation. Our blog will keep you in the know about our most recent developments and products,  industry updates, and upcoming releases. Don’t forget to leave us a comment, and thanks again for visiting Blue Life’s Blog”

- Eric Cohen – CEO, Blue Life USA

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